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Bike Service & Repair

Your Bike Repair Experts

Get the most out of your bike by keeping it in top condition. We offer in-store bicycle repair and maintenance. Whether you need to fix a flat or your bike needs a complete overhaul, we have the experience and the parts available to get you back on the road quickly. 

Level 1



Brake adjustments

Derailleur adjustment

In-stand Wheel Tru 

Inflate Tires to proper pressure 


Drivetrain Clean added to level 1 or 2 service: $50 

Hydraulic Flush added to level 1 or 2 service: $40 

Electronic Shifting Update and configure added to level 1 or 2 service: $20 

Level 2


Level 1 plus:

  • Wheel Hub Adjustment 

Bottom Bracket Adjustment 

Headset Adjustment 

Bike wipe down and polish 

Full Wheel Tru 

Level 3


Level 1 and Level 2 plus:

Full Bicycle Disassembly and Deep Clean 

New Cables/Housing

Hydraulic Flush 

Electronic Shifting update and configure 


Authorized BOSCH Ebike Service Center

We will work on any factory-installed e-bike equipped with a BOSCH Drive System/Battery. In addition, we will also work on factory-installed Hyena e-bike Drive Systems/Batteries. 

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Walk-ins are welcome are service & repair

Home Bike Repair 

We recommend having a few products at home to help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next shop visit.